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Salah satu institut yang iktiraf 'Biodisc' ialah I.H.M Institute di Jepun.(sumber: ).
Pengasasnya Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Dr. Masaru Emoto dalam wikipedia ( ):

Commentators have criticized Emoto for insufficient experimental controls,[8] and for not sharing enough details of his approach with the scientific community.[9] In addition, Emoto has been criticized for designing his experiments in ways that leave them open to human error influencing his findings.[10]
In the day-to-day work of his group, the creativity of the photographers rather than the rigor of the experiment is an explicit policy of Emoto.[11] Emoto freely acknowledges that he is not a scientist,[12][dead link] and that photographers are instructed to select the most pleasing photographs.[13]


Point penting:
  • Kawalan kajian beliau tidak mencukupi (insufficient).
  • Tidak berkongsi maklumat yang cukup dengan komuniti sains berkenaan cara kajian beliau.
  • Membuat cara kajian yang terdedah kepada unsur kesilapan manusia sehingga mempengaruhi keputusan kajian.

Oleh Dr Gary Greenberg di dalam sebuah artikel, sumber:( )
As a scientist, I was astonished. It didn’t surprise me that I couldn’t find any scientific experiments he has performed or any peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published describing controlled studies of Emoto’s work. A further search revealed that Emoto’s degree was from the Open International University in India, where an M.D. degree costs $500 and a Ph.D. costs $350, no classes or tests required.


Salah satu kajian (review) yang dilakukan ke atas kajian Dr Emoto:

Kristopher Setchfield, BA, Health Science
Natural Science Department
Castleton State College, Vermont
sumber artikel:

Unfortunately for his credibility with the scientific community, Dr. Emoto sells products based on his claims. For example, the products page of Emoto's Hado website is currently offering "geometrically perfect" "Indigo water" that is "highly charged hexagonally structured concentrate," and supposedly creates "structured water" that is "more easily assimilated at the cellular level" for $35 for an eight-ounce bottle. Without providing scientific research references for the allegedly amazing qualities of his Indigo Water, Emoto's commercial venture calls to mind ethical concerns regarding his intent and motivation—questions that would not be present if any scientist had published research supporting his claims.

After the lengthy review of Emoto’s research methods and results, I have come to believe that Dr. Emoto is offering pseudoscience to the masses in the guise of defensible research. Only time and review by others will tell if there is any truth at the heart of Mr. Emoto’s claims, as Emoto himself thoroughly believes in his findings but does not value the scientific method or community. What is truly fearsome is the great numbers of people that accept his words as proven facts without looking deeper to find out if his claims are truly justified. While I respect Dr. Emoto’s desire to save the Earth’s water from contamination and pollution, unless he can produce a scientific paper and get it published in a scientific journal, I believe that he will continue to be ignored by the scientific community, and his claims will never be soundly proved or disproved.



Kelulusan Dr Emoto diragui, dan kajian beliau dikritik hebat oleh komuniti sains dan perubatan, serta mempunyai pertikaian-pertikaian yang banyak ----> Pengiktirafan I.H.M Institute yang ditubuhkan oleh Dr Emoto juga diragui -----> Pengiktirafan ke atas biodisc adalah diragui.

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Tiada perlindungan hak cipta

Sumber: forum

From Tony_M (Melbourne, Australia):

Ladi wrote:
As for the ANTI-REFLECTIVE ARCHITECTURAL GLASS. I earlier metioned that there are similar products. Scientists are every where. they do research and produce outcomes. that will remain forever. I would test it for comparism if chanced. but If it performes thesame functions, why dont i stick with the one i have? I will only purchase if you tell me it performs better that what i have aquired.

No, I am not talking about another piece of glass, I am refering to YOUR PIECE OF GLASS, THE BIODISC YOU HAVE IN YOU HAND was made my Schott AG Germany, it was made by their architectural glass division. IT IS A PIECE OF HOUSEHOLD GLASS.

You sound like such a nice fellow, why would you do this rubbish ???


Because the disc is made by Schott, some fool suggests that it is made of the same glass as the space-shuttle windscreen (Schott have done some NASA work) THE CLAIMS ARE JUST OUTRIGHT STUPID, AND YOURS ARE JUST AS BAD.


Point penting:
  1. Biodisc yang dijual tiada perlindungan hak cipta. Apabila tiada perlindungan hak cipta, tiada perlindungan komersial kepada pemilik rekaan tersebut--> maka tiada siapa yang akan melabur untuk membuat kajian tulen terhadap produk itu, kerana pelabur ingin pulangan komersial atas pelaburan mereka. Ini konsep asas perniagaan.
  2. Maka lojiknya ialah: kajian terhadap biodisc tiada kredibiliti atau tidak tulen.

Disclaimer yang merugikan pengguna

Sumber: blog Sze Zeng.

Update 16 Aug 2007:
Check out the Amezcua's disclaimer statement (viewed on 16 Aug 07):

"Should the buyer and/or user experience any contra indication of any nature whatsoever or feel that it may, the buyer and/or user should immediately consult its medical practitioner/ physician and seek professional medical advice. It is the responsibility of the buyer and/or user to ensure that this product’s use is appropriate for any particular application. This product has been used traditionally and has not been scientifically evaluated for its benefits and efficacy.

The information contained herein has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable but no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that the information is complete or accurate nor that it is fit for a particular purpose. All such warranties are expressly disclaimed and excluded. Any opinions, recommendations and forecasts provided are not necessarily the current opinions, recommendations and forecasts of the sources and may be changed without notice at any time. All liability whatsoever arising from any error in or omission herein and for all consequences of relying on it are expressly disclaimed.

This product is sold "as is" without any warranty of any kind. Amezcua hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to this product including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose."

In other words, the company does not warrant any claim for bio disc, claims includes its benefits:

  • It is known to create positive energy field
  • It can potentially harmonise and balance your body’s rhythmus.

This is like saying, "This $500 disc can improve your health but there is no warranty that it is so." Add to that, there is no scientific claims being warranted as well 'This product has been used traditionally and has not been scientifically evaluated for its benefits and efficacy.'


  1. Pada tarikh penulis blog membaca disclaimer di atas (17 Ogos 2007), syarikat Amezcua menyatakan tiada warranty. Jika pengguna menghadapi masalah kesihatan selepas.akibat menggunakan biodisc, itu adalah masalah pengguna, tiada kaitan dengan biodisc atau syarikat yang menjualnya.
  2. Disclaimer itu juga menyatakan biodisc digunakan secara tradisional dan tiada pemerhatian/kajian saintifik berkaitan manfaat dan keberkesanannya. (Macam mana guna secara tradisional sedangkan biodisc ini dikatakan satu 'invention' moden???)

Ini bermakna biodisc bukanlah produk yang terbukti secara saintifik!
Dan sekarang disclaimer ini telah dipadam daripada website Amezcua, tanpa ada update samada berkaitan warranty atau kajian saintifik.

Biodisc dan Nanowand= Adik beradik?

Sumber: forum

From Benedict (Batu Caves, Selangor):

Have you check the site "Amega Global Nano Wand"??? If Dr Ian Lyons spent years of his life researching, how would on the earth, another genius made the same invention that he did? The braclets claimed to able to give the SAME benefits as BioDisc! TELL ME THIS: WHY HE DIDN'T PATENT HIS DESIGN AND RESEARCH? Is't NOT his own idea? Is he also another COPY CAT?

Sumber: Invention Review Blog
  • Q1. What are the names of the inventors for "Nano Wand"?
  • Q2. Within the field of Nanotechnology, there are over 9000 US patents that are granted [10] and applied [11]. Is Nano Wand patented? If yes, what is the Patent Publication Number? If no, are you infringing on any of the US and non-US patents [16]?
  • Q3. Is there any "Nano Wand" scientific publication? If yes, please let us know the citation information?
  • Q4. Based on my limited knowledge in the field of nanotechnology [4, 5, 6, 7, 8], please let me know more specifically the sub-technologies within the very broad field of nanotechnology that are relevant to Nano Wand - eg. Bucky balls? Fullerene? Nanotubes? Quantum dots? Intelligent Agents?
  • Q5. While the "Nano Wand" document [1] is informative, there seems to be more fiction that science - I would strongly encourage this salesrep to include more references in his document, rather than just speculative and very fanciful/wishful claims.
  • Q5a. For instance, the Nano Wand document [1] speculated about the ability of the 'Nano Wand' to re-energised liquid - that's pseudoscience [13].
  • Q6. Assuming that the Amega users testimonial are real, could the users be experiencing a Placebo effect? [14]
  • Q7. The Amega Global "Nano Wand" product seems to resemble the Amezcua "Bio Disc" [15]. I can't help but noticed the similarities between Amega and Amezcua. Hmmm..
  • Q8. Within Video 1, the boy was playing with the 'Nano Wand' for almost 2 minutes. Can someone tell me what was that for?
  • Q9. In view that "Nano Wand" is such a wonderful product, may I invite Arun to submit his product to SPRING Singapore [9] or any relevant authority [10] for testing. Once done,  pls share with us the pdf of the test report(s). Am very certain that if the test reports are positive, you can expect a huge jump in terms of your "Nano Wand" sales - when that happens, you don't need to share the commissions with me, as I prefer to dedicate the merits, positive effects and commercial profits to all sentient beings instead.

(Produk Nano Wand mempunyai ciri-ciri yang sama dengan BioDisc. Justeru, penulis blog di atas menujukan kesembilan-sembilan soalan yang sama kepada pihak Qnet yang menjual Biodisc).

Syarikat yang membuat biodisc.

In forum

Asked by Authenticity from Lexington, KY:

Has anyone ever asked where this BioDisc was manufactured? All websites says Product of Germany. However, can someone provide the registered name for the manufacturing company in Germany and a physical address of the manufacturing plant? If this is indeed using nanotechnology, you can't just produce this anywhere. It will have a strict code on how this plant is set up and the machinery and technology used. Allow users to verify the existence of this manufacturing plant and not just how great this product is and maybe I will consider that this is not just a scam.

If their argument is that they can't indulge the information because they are worried that someone might copy/reproduce this item, then have they not heard about patent? If this is indeed a company that deals with nanotechnology, they will patent all research and no one can just walk in and reproduce this so called BioDisc. 

From Harianto Adi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

If you are a promoter of BIODISC it is a miracle, magical disc that can cure all, If you are a plain user like me it's just a piece of glass no effect on my chronic pain health improvement etc, however BIODISC promoter will tell you that it's a wellness tool not a medicine, not a health product (very deceptive)BIODISC Certificate states that it manufacture at the SCHOTT AG Grunenplan in Germany, exclusively for QUAMTUM Inteligence Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur. Schott Glass is a Glass bottle & Glass vessel manufacturer I don't what has it got to do with NANOTECHNOLOGY?

From Peter (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

 Since my posting Aug 4, I have been checking this forum for some credible and honest response from someone or some organisation - so far..zilch. H. Adi is the only credible one - in my opinion. From him, I checked SCHOTT AG who really are makers of nano-engineered glass of all shapes and forms. I found there is even a SCHOTT MALAYSIA which office is in Penang. Called them about BIODISC - and as I expected, the person I spoke to knew nothing about it.

Checking their German website I found that they have various types of specialty (patented) glass and the nearest thing to a "wellness" glass disc are some made for hospital/surgical purposes. BUT..they do manufacture (using any of their own formulated glass brands) to order...and here is where my suspicions about this BIODISC grew.

Could this qn or qi ltd or amazcua or whatever have the BIODISC made by SCHOTT using some hospital grade glass and passing it off as some sort of universal qi whatever? And then there the posting by Andrew C of Australia who says he is a scientist - for God's sake, Andy - if you really did some scientific tests on this disc please share with us the results which you said are all positive! Can your results be repeated by me? Can they stand up to scrutiny and verifiable. Believe me - I really, really wish you really have something there - I really really need to believe that this damn disc can help me.

From Tony_M:

Contacting Schott AG is easy enough why did none of you do this? There is no patent or copywrite on the Biodisc anywhere on this planet, and therefore no confidentiality agreement is possible.

The reply was simple enough was manufactured by Schott (they could not tell me if it still is because it is not a regular production item and IS ONLY MADE ON RECEIPT OF AN ORDER, WITH PAYMENT). The Disc is manufactured in the Architectural Division, it has no relationship to suggestions by some that it is made from the same materials as the space-shuttle windscreen (more rubbish from idiots). Besides the physical dimensions, asthetic design and finish, there is ONLY ONE TECHNICAL ORDER ON THE MANUFACTURING INSTRUCTION, THAT THE GLASS IS NON-REFLECTIVE.

It is not even a special order request as Schott have this glass listed as a standard PRODUCT with its own order number. When purchasing the disc from Schott, you give the quantity required, the design brief (or CADCAM files) and select the glass type from their catalogue.

The import document to countries that then receive this order states ' ARCHITECTURAL GLASS MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY.

The reason glass is selected and not some other material is because there are no special fees or delays in shipping like there would be for porcelain (customs need to XRay) metal(production cost is much higer than glass), wood is again more expensive to manufacture and wood also has special requirement in customs that might cause additional expenses for the importer. Also Wood cannot be referred to as 'NANO ENGINEERED' AND YOU CANNOT SUGGEST AS EASILY THAT IT HAS 13 'MAGICAL' EARTH ELEMENTS.



  1. Biodisc yang dijual oleh Qnet tidak ada perlindungan hak cipta.
  2. Dihasilkan oleh syarikat SCHOTT di Jerman.
  3. Syarikat ini menghasilkan pelbagai produk berasaskan kaca, salah satunya piring kaca untuk hospital.
  4. Syarikat ini menerima tempahan. Pilih bahan/jenis kaca yang mereka ada, nyatakan saiz, bentuk dan ciri-ciri lain yang dikehendaki, kemudian akan dihantar ke pihak yang menempahnya,
  5. Bahagian yang menghasilkan biodisc itu ialah 'Architectural Division'. Dokumen import yang diterima oleh pihak yang menempah akan tertulis: 'Architectural Glass Manufactured in Germany'.
  6. Sebab kaca menjadi bahan pilihan: tiada bayaran tambahan, tidak bermasalah/delay di kastam (contoh kalau guna porcelain, perlu x-ray terlebih dahulu), kos lebih murah (berbanding guna logam atau kayu) dan mudah untuk menyatakan ada unsur mineral ajaib di dalamnya (cth agak tak lojik untuk mengatakan dalam kayu ada 13 unsur mineral yang dipadukan untuk memberi unsur kesihatan dll).

Pencipta Biodisc?

Namanya Dr Ian Lyons.

vision3001 said... 
"• Who is Dr Ian Lyons from Germany? Please tell us his academic background (which hospital that he practiced his surgeon and which university he had done his PHD?) • According to a QN IR from Thailand called Nuzky, he claimed that Dr Ian Lyons is now the Chief Scientist in US for the StemCell. But it has been proved that they are not the same person! • Which means one of your Questnet IR doesn’t speak the truth. Dishonest! • According to QN IR named Rommel from Qatar, he mentioned that Dr. Ian Lyons works with wine company in Australia and governments. Well where is the proof? Which wine company and which country’s government that he mentioned about? • Did Biodisc patented? Yes, which patent no.? No, why not? Is he another copycat? • Did Ian Lyons achieve any scientist awards that recognized internationally? • Did Ian Lyons received Nobel Price for his superb creation of Biodisc helping mankind? • Before Ian Lyons partner with Vijay Eswaran from Questnet, which company that he is working with? • According to Dr Amir from Super Qi Gong, he mentioned the named Dr Ian Lyons, the QI Emitting Device is made by METAL DISC, not GLASS with 13 minerals. It cost RM400, instead of US$500. I am wondering why the first VIVIFIER QI is made by METAL, and now the same inventor creating the Disc in Glass?"

My request is very simple, just tell me some scientific publications done by Ian Lyons.
1. Year of publication
2. Names of author(s) including Ian Lyons
3. Title of Paper
4. Name of Journal

The questions above was asked by a blog reader at Sze Zeng's blog, on October 12, 2009, but no reply from Qnet/Qneters until today.